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  With a sigh, Turbid World said, "The peace on the mainland seems to have come to an end. Our generation is old, and the task of changing and protecting the mainland in the future is your young people's business. ""Ha ha, if this matter is false, then naturally there is nothing, but if this matter is true, I want to cooperate with Ye Gongzi in Zi Shan." The owner of Zishan Mountain smiled.So, they just climbed up a little bit. When they felt the huge energy fluctuation, even when they felt the whole mountain trembling, they all went all out. Aruheng even encountered an avalanche.And these injuries, even by mending the sky, can't recover instantly. They can only stabilize the injuries. Unless Ye Chong can find a place to retreat well and swallow enough holy medicine and medicine king, otherwise, it is impossible to cure the basics.

  "This place was originally used to cultivate and understand our family, but it is no longer suitable for long-term here because of the changes in that year, but it is still beneficial to come once in a while." Feather corpse girl way.acg漫画manageGu Yue look the same, with her body as the center, the wind suddenly, all nearby bamboo leaves can't get close to her body. The next moment, the silver light flashed, and she avoided Xiao Tiantian's attack and appeared beside Xu Xiaoyan. As for Xu Lizhi, he is beside Tang Wulin, so she doesn't need to take care of him.From the outside, it's really nothing compared with the complete simulation of the Ascending Platform. There are still quite a few places where this system needs to be improved. But as long as the existence of artificial intelligence is considered, these are not so important.


"What are you young people doing here? I know that Ye Zhong spoke like that just to stimulate you, and you actually came here! " An old man shouted at him.After thinking about it, Yang Kai had an idea.

In the case of one-on-one, his father's blood level 97 is not necessarily able to suppress each other."Master Cen." YunXiaoLing whispered."Thank you." Tang Wulin whispered to Gu Yue.

Tang Wulin is also watching this World War I, this time as a bystander, and he has more deeply realized the gap between himself and Xie Xie. I beat him for the first time because he was caught off guard, and the second time because of the strange golden scales, but in fact, Xie Xie's strength is indeed much stronger than himself."Small talk ends here!" Wu Chengyi looked grim and stood in front of Yang Kai. He looked down at him and said, "I heard Brother Chen say that you are a disciple of peak tower?"

Purple stranger stood in front of Lengshan, still smiling. Lengshan's face showed a look of unnatural and disgust, and her body even could not help but tremble, but she did not dare to make any noise.Bi Xiuming couldn't defend against such a barrage of fierce attacks, and this punch directly slammed into his chest.